Ghently refers to our beloved city and hometown Ghent. However, we look beyond our borders and work for clients all over the world.


Ghently is a global creative agency with a passion for innovative videos, from 360° videos, corporate movies to timelapses and drone videos. Besides videos, we also focus on graphic and web design to grow your bussiness. A good looking and responsive website will definitly increase your sales. Thank us later!



What makes us different?

Our no-nonsense professionals really care about helping your business grow. We believe in evolution and innovative videos. Our clients love our transparant and fast way of working.



Who’s taking care of your projects?

Tim is the entrepreneur behind Ghently. Our international mindset, passion for all things digital and creative gnosts, keeps us going everyday. “Love what you do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life!” This quote sums up very well.